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Let Us Inspect Your Vehicle's Transfer Case Completely

The transfer case is an essential part of your 4WD or AWD's transmission. It distributes power to the front and rear axles of your vehicle, which without it your vehicle will not move.

Trucks, SUVs, and cars that are equipped with 4WD or AWD systems incorporate a transfer case to ensure that power is distributed equally to the wheels. If you notice that your vehicle is not engaging or disengaging all four wheels or if you hear an unusual noise while driving, bring it to Transmission Experts for a thorough inspection.

Count on Us to Take Care of Your Vehicle's Transfer Case

Trust the technicians at Transmission Experts to check and service your vehicle's transfer case in the best manner possible. You will get a 1-year WARRANTY on most of our auto repair services. You even have the option of extending the warranty.

Call 619-312-0555 for details about our third-party financing option. We also offer a FREE diagnosis with our auto repair services.
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